The memories of Honorable life

On December 20 2018 a event – exhibition named “The memories of Honorable life” in the Azerbaijan Museum of Independence according to 23 rd June 2018 order of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev about a hundered years anniversary of the hero of Sovet Union Mehdi Huseynzade.
At the event the director of Azerbaijan Muzeum of Independence Farida Shamsi, head of the State Translation Center of Azerbaijan Yashar Aliyev, The interpreter of book named “Aperson for al lor revange of Mikhailo”, Farhad Abdullayev, a reserarcher participator of resistance movement Ilham Abbasov, Baba Babayev, the director of the school № 19ç named after M.Huseynzade, Akif Aliyev, M.Huseynzade nephew Mehdi Azizbayov made speech.
In the exhibition named “The memories of honorable life’ that dedicated to a hundred years anniversary of Mehdi Huseynzade more than a hundred photos and documentary materials which reflect a long life of hero, given to our museum constantly by hero’s nephew Mehdi Azizbayov, are kept in the funds of museum, received form researchers were demonstrated.

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