Our Historical Memory

On January 18, 2019 event – exhibition named “Our Historical Memory” was held in the Museum Center according to the order about “29 the year of 20 January tragedy” sighed by the director of President Administration of Azerbaijan Republic support of Azerbaijan Museum of Independence, Museum of Music Culture, Azerbaijan state Theatre Museum and The Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic artistic creation house of Youth.
At the exhibition, more than 30 photos which are kept in the funds of Azerbaijan Museum of Independence and 40 handcrafts of pupils of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic Artistic creation house of Youth were demonstrated.
At the event the concert program dedicated to memory of 20 January matries by the organization of Museum of Musical Culture, as well as artistic part prepared by society members of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic Artistic creation of Youth and video material and documentary reflect of 20 January massacre prepared by Azerbaijan State Theatre Museum were presented.
At the end the deputy of Azerbaijan National Assembly Hikmet Babaoglu, scientist, doctor of philosophy, docent of Historical Institute named after Abbasgulu aga Bakukhana of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Republic Vagif Abishov, the aunt of 20 January matry Ulvi Bunyadzadeh, Almaz Binnatova, the sister of the 20 January matry Yusif Sadigov, Sayali Sadigova made speech.

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