Funds of Azerbaijan Independence Museum

Acquisition and storing of museum exhibits is one of the main directions of work of museum. The funds of Azerbaijan Independence Museum consists of main fund and scientific-secondary fund. Acquisition of funds is conducted through purchase and gift. Main Fund consists of the following:

1. The fund of documents. Different documents, books are kept in this fund. The most important among the exhibits of this fund are: decree on awarding Azi Aslanov and Mehdi Guliyev degree of Hero of Soviet Union;letters written by wife of member of Parliament Javadbek MelikYeganov, personal documents of National Heroes of Azerbaijan Republic Alesker Novruzov and Hikmat Nazarli, personal things of National Heroes of Azerbaijan Republic: diary of National Hero of Azerbaijan Republic Gultekin Askerova,


personal documents of 20 January martyr Azer   Alekberov,


death note of martyr Agabek Novruzbeyli,

  different documents  and  decree on awarding of folk poet of Azerbaijan  Balash  Azerogly the order of «Shohret», signed by Heydar  Aliyev

2. Photo fund. It is one of the largest fund of museum. It includes the photos reflecting the activity of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic; the photos of Ali bek Huseynzadeh from personal archives of Jamila Huseynzadeh;


the photos reflecting different periods of movements in South Azerbaijan;   the photos reflecting contribution of Azerbaijan people to victory of USSR over Germany; the photos reflecting Independent Azerbaijan Republic, 20 January tragedy, Khojaly tragedy, “Contract of century”

3. Photo-negative fund.  It includes the videoes reflecting 20January massacre, Khojaly tragedy, Karabakh war; negatives reflecting the activity of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, period of repression 1930s-50s.

4. The fund of graphics. The works of various painters are kept in this fund:


folk painter Azim   Azimzadeh,   Altay Hajiev; painters Kamil  Ramazanov, Sara Manafova (Namitokova), Nazim Mammadov, Sabir Chopurov.

5. The fund of numismatics. The fund consists of orders, medals, stamps, banknotes, seals. The most important among these:


the orders of Lenin, Aleksandr  Nevski, Red Star, “PatrioticWar of 1st and 2nd degree”,

Sattarkhan, Medals for defense of Caucasus, victory over Germany, seizure of Warsaw, Vienna, Konigsberg, Budapest,21 Azer

Pul vahidi   and also the money, stamps of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, USSR, Azerbaijan Republic.

6. The fund of sculpture. Different monuments, bas-relieves, busts. babak

The bas-relief of Sabir Chopurov “Babek” attracts particular attention.

7. The fund of painting.It includes the works of renkarliqfondu

Azerbaijan folk painters Boyukaga Mirzezadeh (“Oil workers”),


Altay Hajiev (“Javadkhan. Last battle”);

Painters Kamil  Ramazanov (“Chaldiran 1514”),Nazim Mammadov( “Khojaly”), Mekhriban Shamsaddinskaya (“Exhausted veins”), Ashraf Heybatov (“20 January”)


Sabir Chopurov (“Shakh Ismayil Khatai”, “The women of Khojaly”,“Karabakh”),

8. Decorative-appliedart. kamera

It should be noted that among the exhibits there is a camera of the veteran of Karabakh war Seyidaga Movsumlu, with which 20 January massacre and Khojaly tragedy were recorded,


wreath weaved by National Hero of Azerbaijan Republic Gultekin Askerova, 


pocket watches of Agabek Novruzbeyli, 


presents (models)presented to Heydar Aliyev during his tenure (1969-1982)


tricolorflag hoisted in 1989 on Maiden Tower,


beads and cigarette holder of the member of movement in South Azerbaijan Safarkhan Qakhramani.

Scientific-secondary fund


The sculpture to National Hero of Azerbaijan Republic Mubariz Ibrahim, 


model of Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan oil pipeline,  sketches of orders and medals of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, books reflecting different periods of the history of our Republic, various painting works are kept in scientific secondary fund.

As a result of military aggression of Armenia Republic against Azerbaijan 20 % of our territory has been occupied. The culture of the Karabakh district was damaged. 22 museums were destroyed, the exhibits were loss. Only two museums from Jabrayil and Fuzuli districts were able to save their exhibits, which have been demonstrated in our museum since 1993.

Jabrayil local history museum – 17228 exhibits in total. There are musical instruments, samples of carpets, guns, weaving, women decorations, every-day life items among them.  6000 exhibits of Fuzuli local museum had been kept in the funds of Azerbaijan Independence Museum, and bent of them were exhibited in the exposition of museum.

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